Latest Updates

SCATTER 2.2B RELEASED     (posted: 04 September 2014)

Scatter 2.2b has been released and features several updates. Loading files is much faster due to truncation of the data for autoRg calculations. Scatter can now calculate P®-distributions from PDB files for easy direct comparison in P® plots. The Subtraction Tab has been improved, and has been adapted for SEC SAXS data. Please see the tutorial for more information.

KRATKY PRIZE SAS2012     (posted: 23 November 2012)

Otto Kratky prize was awarded to Ilja Voets

FIXED ENSEMBLE UPLOADING     (posted: 03 February 2011)

BioIsis uploading mechanism was fixed allowing multiple PDBs for ensemble modeling.

UPDATES TO BIOISIS     (posted: 12 January 2011) has been updated. A new submission mechanism has been implemented and is available on the home page. In addition, new deposits can accept multiple data sets that typically represent multiple concentrations with real time graphing.

CHANGES TO BIOISIS     (posted: 20 December 2010)

BioIsis was recently updated. The forum was removed and replaced with a news blog informing our community of up-to-date information in the SAXS world.